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You're always going to get your heart ripped out somewhere aren't you?

Cook/Emily @ LJ
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This community will serve as a sanctuary for those who love and adore James Cook and Emily Fitch of e4's Skins. cookemily_skins welcomes anything and everything associated with the pair, whether it be the two characters individually or together. Entries concerning the actors Jack O'Connell (Cook) and Kathryn Prescott (Emily) will be at hand as well. Allusions of Cook/Effy and Naomily will be present.

Ship the pair romantically? Prefer a friendship? Either way, this is the place for you.
Feel free to post fan videos, fanfics, fan mixes, news, spoilers (under a cut please), pictures, screencaps, picspams, interviews, etc.

Entries are moderated.

As far as tagging goes, we'll (itstragicreally/morningslugger) be taking care of it for now (until there's a fair amount of entries).

No bashing whatsoever. If you disagree with something that's been said or posted, go about it politely. Disrespect, in any form, will not be tolerated.